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Monday, April 5, 2010

Megastar Garrett Dawson shops at the Giddy-Up Boutique

Prairie Ann met with Garrett Dawson at the not yet opened Giddy Up Boutique for special showing of her new clothing line designed for the megastar! Prairie Ann's sister Daisy May stopped by and got into the act!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Giddy-Up Boutique opens second location in Fairmont MN

The owners of the Giddy-Up Boutique who will be opening a second location in the town of Fairmont while interviewing clerks for their new store get a little sidetracked.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

KLUK TV newest program will be hosted by the owners of The Giddy-Up Boutique

KLUK TV announces that they have premiered a new show, hosted by three fabulous women from Sweet Swine County! Prairie Ann, best known as the Outside Sweet Swine reporter on The Cocklebur Morning Show, will be joined by two new citizens to Sweet Swine County. Details about these women have not yet been released, however, Sweet Swine Scoop has discovered photos of the three from a recent fashion show held at Prairie Ann’s Giddy Up Boutique. The photos showed the women modeling new Sweet Swine t-shirts. (click here to see t-shirt photos) When asked about her co-hosts Prairie Ann said, "We are still negotiating who will get star billing, so I have not releasing their names to the public. Just remember, I brought this project to KLUK TV and I plan on being the star!" The Women of Sweet Swine was joined The Cocklebur Morning Show & As the Corn Grows on the KLUK TV line up.

To see the first episode of The Women of Sweet Swine County, click on their logo!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Giddy-Up Boutique present a new line of Sweet Swine County t-shirts on the Cocklebur Morning Show

Prairie Ann and her models show the latest trends with a new line of designer t-shirts on the Cocklebur Morning Show.

The Giddy-Up Boutique annouces they are offering a new line of designer t-shirts, Prairie Ann says, "Everyone knows t-shirts are a wardrobe basic, and we will be able to help Sweet Swine County citizens to achieve that big city look with t-shirts that can be worn for work, or a night on the town." If you are not able to visit the Giddy-Up Boutique in downtown's Split Hoof, you will be able to purchase Prairie Ann's t-shirts at the Sweet Swine County Souvenir Shop in the town of High Horse or online!

To see the fashion show on The Cocklebur Morning Show click on their logo

If you wish to order Giddy-Up Boutique's designer t-shirts online, you can contact Image Wear located in our neighboring town of Fairmont, by clicking on any of our t-shirts pictured here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Giddy-Up Boutique to open in the town of Split Hoof

Prairie Ann, who is a field correspondent for the Cocklebur Morning Show and two models from the town of High Horse, Paris Richee & Nicole Halton have opened the new high-brow Giddy-Up Boutique. The new shop located in downtown Split Hoof, is sure to bring shoppers from all over Sweet Swine County. When asked about this new business, farm safety expert Elmer Plow said, "Well, I guess something needs to be downtown, and it is a safe business."